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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Please take a look at the frequently asked questions...

I will be paying cash for your service. Why do you need my credit card information?
We need to have your credit card information on file to hold your reservation, take the vehicle off the market and dispatch one our drivers. We also need to make sure that you are serious about your booking. After you pay cash, you will receive cash payment receipt. If you decide to put it on your card instead of paying cash, you will receive your final credit card receipt via email after pickup.


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Visit our FLEET page to see all cars, vans, stretch limos and buses that we operate. See photos and check rates more >>

How much is standard gratuity?
Standard gratuity, driver's tip, is 20%. We stand behind our drivers and guarantee the highest level service. Plus, gratuity is part of compensation of our chauffeurs. We automaticly add 20% standard gratuity to all orders.

What other fees do you charge?
There are many thing that might impact your final bill. Other than standard gratuity, we also charge fuel surcharge that includes also toll surcharge. Obviously fuel surchage will change as gas prices change. It will go up and down, usually based on current gas prices.
If your itinerary includes Chicago O'hare or Midway airport, you will see airport fee / airport tax on your bill. Please be advised that we pay daily City of Chicago Ground Transportation tax, Airport Departure tax that range between $4-$56 per each airport pickup.

Do you collect sales tax?
No, we do not collect sales tax; however, we collect airport fee / airport tax (City of Chicago Ground Transportation tax, Airport Departure tax).

What are hourly rates?
There are many variables that will infuence the hourly rate for the car you can rent. It priarly the size of the car and number of passengers; however, number of hours needed, day of the week, special event dates, and many more will affect the rate too. Please visit our fleet page, select the vehicle you like and scroll down to see hourly rates for this particual vehicle. Please be advised that our hourly rates valid for Chicagoland area only. If you have questions, please contact our office to request your free custom online quote !

When should I reserve a vehicle of my choice?
Please make a reservation as soon as possible to make sure that the vehicle of your choice is still available at the price you were quoted. Especially if this is specialty vehicle such a stretch limo, limo bus or a coach bus. For smaller vehicles, such as sedans and SUVs, we recommend at 24-48 hours prior to your pick-up, so we have enough time to dispatch and confirm your driver.

What's your cancellation policy?
Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for cancellation policy.

What credit cards do you accept?
We gladly accept American Express, Visa, Master Card, and discover as a form of payment.
We gladly accept AmEx, Visa and Master Card


Frequently Asked Questions about airport trips


Below, you will find questions and answers frequently asked by our clients regarding airport service:

Is the rate advertised on your web site one way or for a round trip?
All airport transfer rates advertised on our web site are ONE WAY rates.

Why make a reservation on-line?
Book online and save!!! When you book online, you will take advantage of our Internet special rates and will automatically receive a confirmation number and an email confirmation. You will do all the work typing information straight into our booking system and that's why you save. By the way, please make sure you type your email address correctly.

How soon in advance do I need to make a reservation?
Please make your online reservation at least 48 hours prior to your airport transportation date. We serve on a first come first served basis. To make sure we will have a car ready for you, please arrange your transportation as soon as possible.

Why your online booking system is showing a rate other than advertised on your web site?
We work everyday to make our online booking system better and better; however, sometimes you will not see an accurate rate. If our system is showing you a rate higher than advertised or no rate at all, please submit your reservation and we will adjust your rate at the office. Our online booking system does not charge your card automatically. All charges are submitted manually by our representative.

I would like to reserve a round trip. How can I do it?
Please make two separate reservations (one for each trip). At the end of your first reservation there will be a question if you want to a round trip during you online reservation process.

What should be the reservation pick-up time during airport arrivals?
Please set your pick-up time to about 15-20 min for domestic arrivals or 20-60 min for international arrivals after your scheduled flight arrival time. If you have claimed luggage, please add few minuts or deduct few if you only have carry-ons. We will monitor your flight for any delays or early arrivals.

What are the pick-up instructions for Ohare airport and Midway airport?
Please visit our O'hare-Midway airport pick-up instructions page.Find out what to do upon arriaval.

I would like my chauffeur to meet me at the baggage claim. Do you offer this kind of service?

Yes, we do. You schedule an additional "Greet & Meet service" and our chauffeur will be waiting for you the baggage claim for you flight. This service is additional $25 for domestic flights and $35 for international arrivals.

Are you expecting my phone call? What will your dispatch ask me?

Yes, we are expecting your call. Our dispatch will ask you two things: 1. Do you have your entire luggage with you? 2. What door or vestibule number we can pick you up from? If you have your luggage with your and are ready for a pick-up, our dispatch will provide you with the description and the license plate number of your limo/sedan.

My flight is delayed. Will my credit card be charged for wait time?

No. We do NOT charge waiting time for any flight delays. As long as we have a valid flight number, we know about your delay. We monitor all flights for any delays/cancellations. Simply, call our dispatch at 773-230-1637 upon landing and collecting your entire luggage.

My luggage is lost. What should I do?

Let us know that you arrived and your luggage is lost. Call our dispatch at 773-230-1637.

My arriving flight was cancelled. Will my credit card be charged?

No. We do not charge when your arriving flight is cancelled. As long as we your valid flight number on file, we know about your flight cancellation and are able to reassign our car to another job. When your flight is cancelled, please call our dispatch at 773-230-1637 when you reschedule your pick-up.

My departing flight was cancelled. Will my credit card be charged?

As long as your car has not been dispatched, we do not charge your credit card when your departing flight is cancelled. It is CRUCIAL to call our dispatch at 773-230-1637 as soon as possible when you find out that your departing flight is cancelled. If your car has already been dispatched (averagely 60-90 minutes before scheduled pick-up time) and you cancel your reservation, we will charge your credit card a cancellation fee (min of $35) accordingly to our Cancellation Policy to compensate our drivers and cover gas expenses. If your car has already arrived at pick-up location at scheduled pick-up time and you cancel your reservation, we will charge your credit card full reservation amount to compensate our drivers and cover gas expenses. That is why it is IMPERATIVE to call our dispatch at 773-230-1637 as soon as possible when you find out that your departing flight is cancelled to avoid cancellation charges.

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