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Please book in advance, don't wait until last minute. Demand is very high and availbility might be limited!
Rate Disclaimer: Rates are not valid for sport and concert venues. Please be advised that some reservations, especially where drivers drive during rush hours,
at night or during construction or heavy traffic, might have an additional surcharge, usually between 5-20%, and night fee added!
Your final total will be in your confirmation email after you book and prior to your pickup so you have enought time to review it.

  • Track your driver live with our new mobile App! Just follow these 3 simple steps:
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    Download Stretch Limousine iOS and Android application
    2. Register online (open a new online account) or login to your existing online account.
    3. Submit your reservation online after you login to your account. Please be advised that you need to login to your account before you place your reservation online in order for driver tracking system to work properly.


    Disclaimer: By submitting your online reservation, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Submitting your reservation online does not guarantee availability. All online reservations must be approved by our agents. Some reservations on busy days or when heavy traffic applies, might have a small surcharge. Your confirmation will show you all rates/tips and fees prior to pick-up. Certain limos, buses or specialty cars might have hourly minimums and all rates need to be verified. All point-to-point and airport service reservations might have additional fees such as extra stop fees if requested, greet and meet fee if requested, or night fees for pickups between 10pm and 5.59am (night fee will be added manually by our agents. Our online booking system is not yet precoded to recognize night pick-ups.). Your confirmation email will detail all fees prior to your pick-up. Trips that originate and or end away from Chicago including O'hare and Midway airport, where we primarly operate, are all considered custom rated trips and we will contact you with correct rate prior to confirming booking.


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