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Intercontinental Chicago Mini Bus

There are a lot of different ways to get around Chicago or to get to O'Hare or Midway airport. You can always drive yourself, catch a cab, or depending on a weather- walk… But what if you have a big group group of peope and do not want to drive or take a 9 cabs? Well, you can always rent a Intercontinental mini bus! Stretch Limousine specializes in providing top of the line, full of amenities coach mini busses.
The 26-Passenger Intercontinental Mini Bus has room for 26 adults with luggage, fits all types transportation needs including pick-ups from O'hare or Midway airport in Chicago. The versatile Intercontinental Chicago mini coach has center-aisle emergency access, air conditioning and DVD hooked up to multiple LCD screens. Call now for your Intercontinental Chicago mini Bus quote or submit your quote online. Please scroll down at the bottom of this page to check our Intercontinental Chicago mini bus rates. This mini bus is licensed to do pick-ups City-to-City including pick-ups and drop-offs at all Chicago hotels and airports.

Please be advised that this Intercontinental bus can comfortably fit passenger 26 adults with standar luggage.

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Intercontinental bus POINT-TO-POINT rates

We gladly offer point to point transfers service in our Intercontinental bus. The rates will mainly depend on a distance and travel time. We have flat airport rates between Chicago O'hare and Midway airport and hundreds of cities within the entire Midwest but we can travel almost anywhere. Please be advised, all trips to or from Chicago O'hare or Midway airport are subject to additional City of Chicago ground transportation / airport departure tax. If you need a customer quote, please contact us or visit our online booking page where you can check our custom rates or book online 24/7.

Intercontinental bus hourly rates

Please refer below our hourly rates. We have a 3 hour minimum rental policy. The hourly rate depends on a day of the week. These are also consecutive, straight hours only with no split in between.

No. of Hours Monday thru Thursday
Rated at $125 per hour
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Rated at $140 per hour
3 hours N/A
We have a 4 hour minium
We have a 4 hour minium
4 hours $500 for 4 hours
Required deposit: $150
$560 for 4 hours
Required deposit: $150
5 hours $625 for 5 hours
Required deposit: $180
$700 for 5 hours
Required deposit: $180
6 hours $750 for 6 hours
Required deposit: $210
$840 for 6 hours
Required deposit: $210
7 hours $875 for 7 hours
Required deposit: $240
$980 for 7 hours
Required deposit: $240
8 hours $1,000 for 8 hours
Required deposit: $270
$1,120 for 8 hours
Required deposit: $270
9 hours $1,125 for 9 hours
Required deposit: $300
$1,260 for 9 hours
Required deposit: $300
10 hours $1,250 for 10 hours
Required deposit: $330
$1,400 for 10 hours
Required deposit: $330
11 hours $1,375 for 11 hours
Required deposit: $360
$1,540 for 11 hours
Required deposit: $360
12 hours $1,500 for 12 hours
Required deposit: $390
$1,680 for 12 hours
Required deposit: $390

Hourly Rate Disclaimer:
20% standard gratuity and fuel & toll surcharge are additional and will be added to our base rates. For Hourly Service, non-refundable deposit specified above is required to reserve this vehicle and take it off the market. The hourly rates displayed above are valid for pick-ups within the 35 mile radius from Chicago O'Hare airport. If you need a pick-up somewhere else, please contact us prior to booking. Rates are subject to change without notice. New Year's Eve rates are the same as Saturday rates.

Call (866) 425-0976 toll free for availability or to reserve this Intercontinental bus!


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