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Thank you Discovery Center!

Stretch Limousine Inc., would like to thank Sarah Pickett and Robert Wagner at the Discovery Center for including us in their Scavenger Hunt this past weekend. We had a lot of fun and look forward to doing it again!!!

The Discovery Center is Chicago’s Lifelong Learning Center. As Chicago’s large stand longest running independent adult education program, we present fun, stimulating classes by qualified independent instructors who enjoy introducing others to their subjects. Learn among friends for your own enjoyment and growth, no exams, grades or degrees. See for yourself what lifelong learning can be!

More information about Discovery Center and what they do can be found at: http://www.discoverycenter.cc/ — at Discovery Center Chicago.PIC4

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Being a limo driver during long winter months

2014 Winter Photos

When will this WINTER be over?

If you ever had an idea that a limo driver job is easy, see these photos of our limos with lots of snow and get an idea what’s the traffic between O’hare and the Loop.

Yesterday, on Mon Feb 17th, 2014, around 3-5pm, the traffic between O’hare airport to the Loop was 156 min!!!